Waste Journey: Management of Seashore Waste - Beach Cleanup Event on Koh Ngai, Krabi Province

On November 16, 2023, the CE-Lanta project, in collaboration with the Thai Environmental Institute (TEI), conducted a beach cleanup activity on Koh Ngai. The collaboration included the participation of the local administration of Koh Lanta, the Tourism Business Association of Koh Lanta, local businesses, communities, and stakeholders in the area. Participants collected, gathered, and sorted waste, while also creating a database of the quantity, types, and waste management pathways. This effort was conducted in partnership with the Lanta Recycle Club to optimize the utilization and proper disposal of waste.

The total amount of collected marine debris was 312 kg. Of this, 311 kg was repurposed, and 1 kg was appropriately disposed of, contributing to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to planting 13 baobab trees (117.54 kg.CO2e).

The beach cleanup on Koh Ngai represents a collaborative effort between various sectors on Koh Lanta and Koh Ngai to advocate for and collectively maintain the environmental condition of the tourist destination. The initiative aims to reduce marine debris, mitigate sea pollution, minimize environmental threats, and contribute to the ecological balance. It also serves as a welcoming gesture to future tourists visiting Koh Ngai.