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Collaboration Action on Prevention of single-use plastic in Southeast Asia (CAP-SEA) is the regional module of a global project with a total volume of EUR 3 million until March 2023 implemented in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. CAP-SEA key objective is to reduce single use plastic (SUP) by introducing innovative business models and by developing stakeholders’ capacities. In Thailand CAP SEA contributes to the Thai Government’s priority of the Bio, Circular and Green (BCG) economy model implementation for sustainable development. Phasing-out SUP products and promoting environmental-friendlier alternatives supports eco-industry SMEs and start-ups development and the country will gradually adopt greener production and consumption pattern.

To enable the new default CAP-SEA supports eco-design policy making, for example by defining design-for-recycling standards. CAP-SEA contributes to BCG’s strategic outcome to reduce natural resource consumption and greenhouse gas emission. Further, CAP-SEA is aligned with the Government’s Road Map on Plastic Waste Management (2018-2030) and respective Action Plan (2020-2022). With this CAP-SEA support Thailand’s effort to advance environmental and climate protection to meet international obligations, e.g. Paris Climate Agreement and the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development and Basel Convention on Plastic Waste Partnership.

CAP-SEA’s objective is to prevent SUP and prepare for reuse by
  • Transfer of international know-how on SUP prevention policies and instruments and enable their adaptation to local conditions, among others eco-design.
  • Develop the recycling market by developing voluntary industry standards for plastics recycling and recycled plastic use.
Implemented by:
  • Support the reduction of SUP product-use in urban area, by supporting the operation of local SUP prevention policy instrument in pilot projects.
  • Support the reduction of SUP use in private sector-controlled spaces (such as malls or hotels) by supporting corporate pledges and SUP prevention plans.
  • Transfer know-how on SUP prevention business innovations, supporting customer friendly SUP free alternatives, such as multi-use systems.
  • Dissemination of experience.
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