Unsustainable economic growth and rapid industrialization have led to environmental deterioration, biodiversity loss and pollution.  Environmental education provides individuals with knowledge and skills needed to address environmental issues, engages them in problem solving and allows them to make informed and responsible decisions.

Thailand Environment Institute Foundation (TEI) strives to promote environmental education by integrating knowledge on natural resources and the environment into formal education platforms across Thailand; engaging students, instructors and administrators in curriculum development and learning activities; and developing educational tools to enhance learning processes.

TEI’s Environmental Education Program covers various environmental issues such as environmental conservation, natural resources management, climate crisis, sustainable development, the sufficient economy, green transportation, waste reduction, electricity use efficiency and expansion of green area.

Center of Excellence and Educational support for Sustainable Development
TEI was awarded as a Center of Excellence and Educational Support for Sustainable Development in the Region by the Asia-Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO (2006-2010).

Thematic Areas: Environmental Study contributes to SDGs as follows