Rapid population growth, irresponsible production and consumption, and non- standard environmental management contribute to high levels of pollutions and waste around the world. Pollutions have caused negative impacts on human and environmental health,   quality of life and socio-economy.

Thailand Environment Institute Foundation (TEI) promotes sustainable development and plays key roles in pollution control and management in Thailand by engaging in national policy/plan development; and developing information technology systems to address pollution issues at the local and national levels. TEI’s work covers water quality assessment, water/marine/air pollution management and chemical pollution assessment.

Additionally, TEI develops measures, demonstrates application of technologies, and strengthen capacity on environmental management. Pollution management is also integrated in the TEI’s Environmental Education Program which provides knowledge on hazardous chemical substance, and pollution prevention and management. Furthermore, TEI develops database on chemical usage in Thailand which tracks the production, import and export of dangerous chemicals. This database provides a comprehensive picture of chemical management in Thailand.

Thematic Areas: Sustainable Industry contributes to SDGs as follows