Rapid increased population and extensive economic growth have caused the current unsustainable consumption and production patterns. Since its establishment in 1993, Thailand Environment Institute Foundation (TEI) has raised awareness on sustainable consumption and production, and driven toward more sustainable consumption and production practices in order to reduce pressures on natural resources and the environment, and maintain balance between development and conservation.

TEI studies best practices from successes and achievements of several countries, and implements the suitable practices in Thailand. In addition, TEI follows closely on the progresses and activities of the World Economic Forum and other international forums on sustainable consumption and production, and further applies the knowledge to assist production sectors and consumers in transforming to sustainable development.
TEI works with production sectors to promote utilization of clean technology eco-industrial concepts, eco-efficiency principles, and ‘green’ processing in the country in or der to make more environmental friendly products available; raise consumer awareness on sustainable consumption and environmental label products; and support policy research to guide direction toward more sustainable future.   

Green Label and Carbon Reduction Label are TEI’s flagships for environmental friendly goods and services which was initiated in 1993 by TEI and Thailand Business Council for Sustainable Development (TBCSD). With strong support from the government, national and international partner, Green Label is wildly recognized at the national and international levels.


Thematic Areas: Environmental Friendly Services contributes to SDGs as follows