The rapid increase in the world population as well as the excessive consumptions of natural resources and non-renewable energy have been contributing to an ever-warming planet and climate change. The adverse impacts of climate change such as more frequent severe weather, increased coastal flooding, and reduction of water supply have put all living things on earth, including human, at risk.

Recognizing the importance of addressing climate change challenges, Thailand Environment Institute Foundation (TEI) was one of the first organizations conducting researches and taking actions around these issues in Thailand.

TEI focuses on policy research, prevention/mitigation/adaptation actions, education and advocacy on climate change. To effectively fight against climate change and mitigate climate change impacts, TEI works closely with up-stream and down-stream multi-sectoral stakeholders such as public and private sectors, local administrative offices, educational institutes, local communities, general public and international organizations.

Thematic Areas: Climate Adaptation contributes to SDGs as follows